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India is a land of incredible beauty and compelling contrasts. Let Everest Trekking take you there…. to see the staggering artistry of the Taj Mahal and the rugged beauty of the Jaipur desert. Take in the bustle and industry of New Delhi and the historic majesty of Old Delhi. Sit by temples with ash-covered sadhus in Varanassi and take a boat trip down the sacred Ganges. Ride an elephant through the Amber Fort and a motor rickshaw through Agra. In even a dew days, India will capture your imagination and broaden your mind. It is a land bursting with journeys and discoveries for every sort of person.

So let us take you there. Let the people whose land it is share it with you. As in Nepal, our Indian tours are run by local people committed to helping you experience this cumbersome, elegant, rich and exotic land. Your Indian tour can be an adventure in itself or joined to one of our Nepal treks.
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